Summer Alligator Alley Splash Contest


Our first contest is a doozy. Are you ready for this?

What do I have to do?

Submit your favorite summer moment or memory. Perhaps that time you learned to swim, or when a horsefly flew in your car on the way to Sea World. What about that time you lost your parents at Historic Williamsburg?

Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, Email, or even the desolate wasteland known as Google+

Additionally, we’ll give you a SUPERNOVA entry if you leave us a voicemail at (385) 202-5867

Sounds like work, what’s in it for me?

Okay, bear with us here… there’s quite a curve on the prizes.

3rd Prize

The Matrix ReloadedA slightly used copy of the Matrix Reloaded on DVD. This is the second movie in the series, and continues the excellent journey of Ted, er I mean Neo in the Matrix. This is not a box set, this is only the second movie.

2nd Prize

RockyA slightly used copy of Rocky on DVD. The original. The one and only, Rocky on DVD.

1st Prize

A $20 gift card to AMC theaters. Take a friend to a matinee 2D showing with this glorious gift card. And go in style with your very own limited edition Double Jump Spirit T-Shirt!

Gift CardT-Shirt

Woah, this sounds awesome I’m going to enter. How long do I have?

The contest ends on August 7th, 2013. 

We’ll announce the winner some time after that, and will contact winners. We’ll post submissions on the next two episodes of Double Jump Spirit.

Too lazy to call in, or use social media? We’ve got you covered with this simple form!