Double Jump Spirit is a podcast started by two people with interests about all kinds of things!

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Greetings and salutations! I love technology, some say even more than my fellow man. I’m an awesomeneer (engineering awesome). But you probably know me from {REFERENCE NOT FOUND}.

In my spare time, I’m a renaissance man like Leonardos DiCaprio, and Da Vinci combined.

You can find me on twitter @jarbochov and WyomingJarbo.com


Hi! I’m Lindsey and if you’re reading this you’re finally going to know that I’m proud of you. Remember that you are a very special and talented person who is kind, caring and considerate.You’ve touched more lives than you’ll ever know, bringing enrichment and prosperity to every person you’ve interacted with. The world would have been a rotten cesspool without your sparkling wit and unerring charm. When you look back on your life and are overwhelmed by the staggering amount of accomplishments you’ve achieved, I’ll be right there saying “I knew it all along.”

You can find me on twitter @apocaknits and Apocaknits the blog!