Episode 7: Your #1 Interventioncast

[audio:http://doublejumpspirit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/DoubleJumpSpirit0007.mp3|titles=Double Jump Spirit Episode 7: Your #1 Interventioncast]

(The reason we are the #1 Interventioncast on the Internet.)

That old man from our last episode had an old man rebuttal.

More Twilight movies, TV shows, excessive media on the way? [Thanks for the warning/heads up Steggo!]

By the way- are you following JUDAHTHOR? Because he told me about This Is My Jam (which I heard read as that’s my jam).

TBBT without a laugh track

Why? Why would Sonic need car insurance?


10 thoughts on “Episode 7: Your #1 Interventioncast

  1. You guys don’t like the Big Bang Theory because you LIVE the Big Bang Theory. It hits you a little too close to home so you feel threatened because the show is making the uber-geek-hipster culture even more mainstream and being mainstream is never cool, and that’s why there is the hate. It’s like looking into a mirror.

    We watch the Big Bang Theory often since it’s in stupid syndication even though it’s still on new as well. I don’t hate the show but a lot of things do bug me about it, the most of which is Sheldon’s t-shirts. His gimmick is he wears novelty-geek shirts all the time (kind of like Jared) but on the show they always look like they were just purchased and brand new, which is the most unreal thing in the world. Nobody can have crisp t-shirts all the time. Not possible.

  2. Honestly I don’t like tbbt because the ‘hot’ women are complete morons and they uglied out Darlene so she could be one of the smart people. Because I’m one of those hipsters. 😉

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