Episode 14: 50 Shades of Birthdays


Have you heard about this novel new idea called reading? Well we’ve got the perfect way for you to introduce BDSM into casual conversation.

Gaming that's CHEEP!

You Don’t Know Jack [$2.99 | iPhone game]

SpellTower [$.99 (sale!) | iPhone / iPad game]

Bit Pilot [$1.99 | iPhone / iPad game]

Seriously, put this in you Netflix and watch it!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (I guess… if you have to watch something.)

The Walking Dead

TED talks


Adorable failures will be left behind.

Be careful with those scantrons- here’s your homework for this time: if you could marry any building- what building would it be? Lindsey would marry a bakery and Jared would marry the old COSI building. Which was demolished… along with our hearts. Tell us in the comments or call in and leave a message.

13 thoughts on “Episode 14: 50 Shades of Birthdays

  1. Hey, I ordered 500 more copies last week after I told you about the book and you tried to reserve it and saw 1600 reserves. We usually don’t go all the way to 2:1 for demand for things that are insanely popular (like Harry Potter).

    • Yeah, I figured you’d be moving and shaking them after seeing there were so many reserves. It would be cool to see that there are 500 books on the way but when I checked last night it still said, there are 240 copies and that’s okay with everyone because the reserves keep pouring in for this smutty, kind of sounds like urban fiction but apparently isn’t(?), book.

      • Yeah all the book distributors have like 40,000 copies for *each* of their regional warehouses on order. We’re all waiting for our back orders to get filled 😛

        If the main characters are white, they won’t call it urban fiction. If it’s in Connecticut or something, that probably rules it out too 😉

  2. Wait, so why the hell are we marrying buildings? Just to have sex with them?? Or to like, settle down and have kids with them? I think we need to define what this marriage really means before I can decide. ‘Cause like, I’d totally love to have sex with The Shrunken Head on 5th Ave. But if we’re talking about a more “traditional” marriage, where there are things like stability and fidelity and all that shit, I’d go with Nancy’s Home Cooking.

  3. Thanks for mentioning myspace, I’ve been meaning to delete my profile from that place for a while but never got around to doing it.

    Going to that site and logging in was like going into a weird digital social time capsule.

    I am going through a digital vs physical media crisis myself, I read way more comics on my phone now while stacks of trade paperbacks go unread for weeks at a time. I rarely game on my phone though.

    The problem with The Dark Knight Rises is that it is not The Dark Knight. The last Nolanverse movie’s biggest hurdle will be living up to the previous movie and I don’t know if it will be able to do it and people will hate/discredit it because of that.

    • Yeah, when I say that I’m apprehensive about the Dark Knight Rises, it doesn’t mean I will instantly hate it, I will probably love it. Just not as much as Dark Knight. But no one has seen it yet… so it could be the most awesome thing ever.

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