Episode 15: Big Buffering Packets of Data


Thanks for the comments on which building you’d marry!

Jessica brought up calendars in our digital vs. physical conversation. Is your calendar digital or physical? Did you vote in our digital vs. physical poll?

Double Fine Games.

People Lindsey talks about that are on twitter:

Tim Schafer

Kurt Sutter

Damon Lindelof 

Here’s the music video Lindsey’s husband told her to watch. Check this reaction:


Jared talks about Google Drive and all of the ins and outs associated with the cloud. We also talk about geofences on Flickr.

Walking Dead as an 80’s sitcom.

DMD panorama app for the phone. There are several panorama apps for smart phones.

A point and shoot with Android built in, wha-what?

Joss Whedon talking about Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises. We’re all on the same side nerds.


Should Lindsey & Jen run a half marathon?


2 thoughts on “Episode 15: Big Buffering Packets of Data

  1. Hmm.. somehow my first post didn’t go through. Hence why my “second” post started with the word “and”. I was saying something along the lines of how a quarter-marathon is in fact a real thing, because my brother has done a couple of them (as well as several half-marathons…freakshow.)

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