Episode 17: You Only Live Weekly


Double Jump Spirit YouTube Channel.

#YOLO (that’ll burn your brain out.)

Adorable failures will be left behind.

Did you like the Great Gatsby? Are you a technology oriented male? Send us your responses!

Snacks! Least favorite? Most favorite?

Retraction**Lindsey meant a Playstation 4… since the PS3 is already in existence.


14 thoughts on “Episode 17: You Only Live Weekly

  1. I’ve always hated Cool Ranch Doritos, which I know makes me totally lame, but I don’t care. They are fucking gross and make me want to puke. Seriously, I can’t even handle it if I’m talking to someone whose breath smells like Cool Ranch Doritos or else I wanna throw up on their shoes.

  2. If beverages count as snacks (to me they do) then my least favorite is a seasonal (fall 2010) Woodchuck cider that tasted like pink bubblegum and flowers. ‘Nuff said. For snacks that require chewing I’d have to say, corn nuts. Hey, let’s take a perfectly good kernel of corn that could be used for popping or thrown on the ground for a chicken, and make it a nasty, inedible, petrified nugget!

    • Before I forget! Miranda had an amazing idea of Doritos making dips for their chips… or if they want to pretend like they’re somehow healthy, vegetables. Does this exist? If it doesn’t, should we even say something? That’s throwing another potential sponsor a bone that I don’t think we’ll see dividends on.

  3. 1) I thought Jared was talking about me when he said things are going way too well for his mortal enemy. Then I remembered I think he said/says I’m his nemesis, not his mortal enemy

    2) Have you tried the Enchilada Doritos? They weren’t fantastic, but mine were larger chips than any Doritos I’ve had and wasn’t sure anyone else’s were like that. Mine were also free.

    3) Worst snack I can think of, based on that discussion, was the Ralph’s Cantalope Cocktail Snapple, which I know is a drink. I also heard the Rogue Brewery Voodoo Maple Bacon Beer is absolutely vial.

    4) I think I YOLO for taking random trips. Like excessive Oregon State Football away games and Columbus for New Year’s.

    5) I have actually never read The Great Gatsby. I probably should given back my A in AP English.

    6) Is it obvious I took notes during the Podcast?

    • I don’t know if that counts as the true spirit of YOLO. I think it’s more like, gonna get high, get a tattoo and then evade police capture because… YOLO.

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