Episode 22: Jared Did Not Edit This To Hide Evidence


Internet ‘speciailists’- full of crap.

Thanks for the call Blackula Jonez! We agree 100%- the internet IS full of 15 year olds who have only seen one other movie and they really want credit for watching it. It also led to discussing how a lot of the movies coming out are remakes… but we still want to see them.

More Marvel movies announced at Comic Con.

Jared has a master plan to sabotage Lindsey and frame her for crimes. He also has plans to edit everything that he’s said online about that plan… sounds like extra work.

Emma Stone, let’s talk about her voice! And hair color! Make us proud on Emma Stone Jeopardy please.

Join our obsession when it comes to Jetpack Joyride.

Ravelry neighbors- just a way of telling you that other people like free patterns?

Bon Bons giveaway on the Mochimochiland blog!


2 thoughts on “Episode 22: Jared Did Not Edit This To Hide Evidence

  1. One more thing I have in common with Lindsey – I have a hard time finishing books 🙁

    I fear playing certain games. (Like anything with Jared) Also, I am still not sure I’m a big fan of Jetpack Joyride. I’m probably missing something, but so far, definitely not loving it.

    Would Lindsey play Settler’s if she didn’t have to see it in the box? Maybe Jared/Erica can set it up so she never sees the box. Would that work? Speaking of games, have you tried Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It?

    I never realized how much Lindsey resembles Emma Stone.

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