Episode 6: The Hardest Challenge You’ll Face In Life

[audio:http://doublejumpspirit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/DoubleJumpSpirit0006.mp3|titles=Double Jump Spirit Episode 6: The Hardest Challenge You’ll Face In Life]

You would think after 5 episodes we would have nothing else to talk about. FALSE. Here’s what we covered:

In this episode we discuss Twitter being a bitch.

Lindsey has a new stalker on Twitter… a young ambitious eyeglass store with nothing to lose.

One of the hardest challenges you’ll face in life.

Pinterest is for girls, but then Jared joined and ruined it for everyone.

Jared’s Pinterest
Lindsey’s Pinterest

Jared runs one of the longest running text based sitcoms on Facebook called Mark at the Office. 

Breaking Bad is sort of funny with a laugh track. Just a little.

Jared lost a gaming competition that was his idea, but ended up with a Nintendo 64 and dreams and memories.


5 thoughts on “Episode 6: The Hardest Challenge You’ll Face In Life

      • my weird dictionary said that it’s actually the least amount of people you can have at a meeting to make it valid. So, it’s kind of a group but like the fewest amount of people that can show up to make the word ‘group’ even count.

    • yay Will, you’re here!
      But seriously- that stalker feature was amazing, why would they take it away? If people are concerned then just make it easier to disable or something. I never used parties but they seemed like a cool idea.

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