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Episode 31: The Butter Cow Feud


Double Jump Spirit Episode 31: The Butter Cow Feud

Lindsey got her first loot crate. She also has a new crush.

We had a Double Jump outing to the fair, which caused a major feud.

You guys ready for some synthetic meat?

Pinterest is finally doing something we might actually find useful.

Jared got really excited about a new carpet cleaner.

Remember that made for TV movie about the girl who was allergic to light?

Thanks for the entries into our CONTEST- it is now CLOSED. Unlike our hearts, which are always open to you guys.



Episode 30: Having Kittens

Episode 30!!! The time in our podcasts’ life where it discovers it’s going to be okay after all.

Episode 30: Having Kittens

In this episode we share the entries we have so far for our incredible Summer Contest. There’s still time to enter!

Also, Jared don’t give no fucks about the royal baby.

Lindsey takes the podcast to strange and uncomfortable places.


Cheap Cheap Gaming

Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition on Wii for $7.99

Check out the Belated Media YouTube channel.






Episode 28: The Fast and Casino Curious

Double Jump Spirit Episode 28: The Fast and Casino Curious


We’re having a Fast and Furious watch party- join us in your own homes! Unless you’ve watched them already, which leads to our poll (at the bottom).


Things that we talk about this episode:

Will. We talk about that dude like nonstop these days.

Wicked, it’s a musical.

Superman death toll (it’s pretty outrageous).

Ellen Page is all like, hey, thanks for stealing my likeness, Last of Us.

The uncanny valley. Fuckin’ yikes.

Call in and give us your summer itinerary. Or text us what you think our sweet prize will be for our upcoming Summer Contest. Just give us attention!!! (It’s what we crave.)

Episode 25: We’re Back (in the saddle agaaaiiiinnnn)

Double Jump Spirit Episode 25: We're Back

Season Two starts now. Surprised?

You demanded it (maybe? I’m pretty sure you did) so here you go:

  • Star Trek: TNG – Lindsey asks the age old question, is there really even a contest between Kirk and Picard when it’s obvious Picard is far superior?

Call in and tell us what you want to hear on the next, Whatever The Fuck You Want.

  • Jared was so fucking hyped for Iron Man 3. Hype city!Super psyched!
  • Have you seen this crazy ass trailer for The Purge? Check it.

  • Red Box Instant, that’s a thing too. Do you have any thoughts on that one?
  • Bioshock Infinite, no spoilers. I don’t want Miranda to stab us in our sleep.
  • For some reason, this review of this shitty book I read years ago is picking up steam on GoodReads, why?? Why does anything happen on the Internet??
  • I’m trying to convince John to post a video of his work in Minecraft but he’s shy.

That’s right, this season it’s on. Now with 100% more bullets.

  • Let us sell out.
  • We need to sell out.
  • There were hashtags at some point but I can’t remember a single one.



Our Big Time Super Freedom Hangout Recap

Thanks to all of our listeners who participated in our live Google+ YouTube Super Freedom Hangout.

We had fun doing it, and we hope everyone who tuned in enjoyed it.Look at all the fun!

In case you missed, we have the video recording, and a special audio version in the podcast for everyone who missed it.



We also had a live chat going on, and here’s a transcript for when you want to follow along.

Super special shout-out to our amazing listeners!

Will | Miranda | John | Erica | Daphne | Allison | Brian | Jen | Dana | Crystal | Ronanda | Betty


Gaming that's CHEEP!

Tiny Wings

Jetpack Joyride

Plague Inc. (suggested by listener Will!)


No new episode this week, but we’ll be back next week with the same quality podcast you’ve always expected from us…. and MORE!



Episode 21: Vanilla Scented Freedom

Redline Derby Racing

Episode sponsor.


Ohio is celebrating the birth of our nation with power outages. Our hearts are out to

everyone affected. Stay cool out there! 

Robots are winning the Rock, Paper, Scissors battle. IGN attempts to rate Pixar’s movies. We disagree with almost every placing. Also, who doesn’t like A Bug’s Life? WHO!?

Seriously, put this in you Netflix and watch it!


Adorable failures will be left behind.

We are still awaiting your thoughts about horror films. We also want to know what your favorite, or least favorite Pixar film is. Tell US!

Episode 19: Swedish Trolls

Our new sponsor BBQ Island has the drama you crave.

Happy belated Father’s Day!

“Will” calls in with his professionally hired actor’s favorite snack. (Thanks Will!)

We will be at Comfest 2012, but won’t have a booth since some delicious sugary snack won’t sponsor us.

The @sweden controversy!

Jared is always light prepared.

Bitches at the gym be CRAZY!

Gaming that's CHEEP!

Humble Bundle 5 raised $5,107,440.10! And people chose what to pay (amazing). The humble bundle is over, but most of the games are available for cheap (but some more than $10)

You can follow their twitter account (@humble) so you know when the next one happens.

Adorable failures will be left behind.

We need to know your thoughts on evil robots.