Episode 11: Valued Jerks


Did you know: Fight Club factoids.

Hey! Do you have a smartbone (heh)? Check out:


Draw Something

Scramble with Friends

Find your birthday in Pi.

Interesting tidbits about the Happy Birthday song.



I’m sorry listeners but I was incorrect in this podcast when I said that you can play Draw Something on a computer with a tablet. I was going off of some bad assumptions on that one. Honestly though, I blame the cocaine. -Lindsey

I’m also sorry listeners, but I thought Lindsey posted about Draw Something like forty-eight times. It was only three. But I was in a dream, within a dream, and we all know how that works…. on, and the cocaine too… – Jared

Adorable failures will be left behind.

Give us a call and talk about your absolute LEAST favorite movies. We’re talking about the worst movies you’ve seen here folks. Was there a movie that ruined something you love and hold dear? Have you ever walked out of a movie because it was so shit awful? Well tell us about it because we want to hear: 1-385-202-5867

15 thoughts on “Episode 11: Valued Jerks

  1. Holy shit, how was I the only person to have a crazy pulled-over-by-the-cops story?? Lindsey, I hope you really do call people out if they tweet about their stories.

  2. Hey so how do I make these lil comments of mine have a neat little pic with my face or whatever? As much as I like the default avatar, I’d totally love changing it to something awesome like an exploding easter bunny or something.

  3. Holy shit I just realized your next episode will likely be around Easter time… Lindsey you’d better have some awesome stories about digging trenches with John’s family!!!!one_one_one

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