Episode 10: Phoning It In

Special Thank You To Our Contributors!

One of the coolest places in Internetland: The Domestic Scientist 

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

Timehop [hello from the past!]

The city of Columbus has an APP (did you hear how much it cost?)

If there were tumbleweeds in Ohio, there'd be one here.

Adorable failures will be left behind.

Did you watch the Oscars and do you still care enough to talk about them? Comment below.

Also- don’t forget to CALL IN and tell us about the most outrageous and ridiculous traffic story you’ve ever witnessed or been a part of. If it’s something you did, we have a voice modifier so just say if you want us to hide your identity since our show is the 3rd highest rated podcast amongst cops.

This episode is dedicated to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

19 thoughts on “Episode 10: Phoning It In

  1. Hellz yeah, I’m top of the contributor list! 😀

    28:45 – 29:30 of today’s show made me realize something… “Mayor Michael Coleman” is a total tongue-twister. Seriously, say it like 10 times fast. Also, people don’t talk enough about tongue twisters anymore! Like, remember when you were 13 years old and everyone was all like “Hey, you wanna know a really cool TONGUE TWISTER???” And now– nothing.

    Oh, and one more thing. Lindsey, Jared is sooo right about Walking Tall. Believe it or not, I actually saw that movie in the theaters (on a date) when it was first released, and it was incredible. Walking around with a 2×4 for realz.

  2. Oh, and as a wannabe semi-professional vlogger myself, I must point out— It was called The Gary Oldman EXPERIENCE!! Not the Gary Oldman PROJECT! Geez Lindsey, get your own vlog title right!! *rage face*

      • Speaking of “meeting”… Jared, is it totally weird that I feel like I know you better now online than I do in person? Does that even make sense what I just said? LOL… just promise me that the next time we see each other randomly in person that we won’t be awkward and all giving sideways glances or something. I’ve had too many online friends that get all weird and afraid to talk to me in person… I guess what I’m saying is, just go straight for a full-on bear hug. Or at the very least, fist bump.

  3. Jessica’s Top 10 Ideas For DJS Corporate Sponsors:
    10. Anthony Thomas Chocolates
    9. Barq’s Root Beer
    8. Morningstar Farms
    7. Country Crock
    6. Town House Crackers
    5. Newman’s Own
    4. Shana Logic
    3. Half Price Books
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    1. Toothpaste For Dinner / Natalie Dee

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