Episode 13: Jared Was Wrong



Evil Trolls at Big Fun

Klout! Both Jared and Lindsey are on Klout. Are you?


Boom Boom Fivel goes west while Nice Peter doesn’t show up for Lindsey’s birthday. But don’t worry…. she finds someone… and makes it better.

Cleveland is six dollars in a dark alley.

Weatherspark Jared’s go to weather website… and he’s training to be a  certified weather spotter. Which he needs because he was totally WRONG about the weather that day. It was in the 40’s.

Gaming that's CHEEP!

Jessica calls in and talks about video game demakes, specifically Super Smash Land.

Mari0 – a flash game with Mario with a portal gun.

Super Mario Crossover – Mario with FRIENDS!

Word Search + on iOS (free)

Zen Pinball


Seriously, put this in you Netflix and watch it!

Please DON’T watch Scandal.

The Walking Dead

Prison Break

The Stand


In case you’re wondering, wikipedia’s explanation of fair isle.


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7 thoughts on “Episode 13: Jared Was Wrong

  1. I checked and my Klout has gone up since the last time I looked. Apparently, I’m an expert in Politics(WTF?), Portland, and Colorado(WTF?). I got a perk from a Red Bull – a 1 year subscription to their magazine.

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