Episode 28: The Fast and Casino Curious

Double Jump Spirit Episode 28: The Fast and Casino Curious


We’re having a Fast and Furious watch party- join us in your own homes! Unless you’ve watched them already, which leads to our poll (at the bottom).


Things that we talk about this episode:

Will. We talk about that dude like nonstop these days.

Wicked, it’s a musical.

Superman death toll (it’s pretty outrageous).

Ellen Page is all like, hey, thanks for stealing my likeness, Last of Us.

The uncanny valley. Fuckin’ yikes.

Call in and give us your summer¬†itinerary. Or text us what you think our sweet prize will be for our upcoming Summer Contest. Just give us attention!!! (It’s what we crave.)

7 thoughts on “Episode 28: The Fast and Casino Curious

  1. Lindsey, my Dad also loves Buck Rogers. He watched it whenever it aired (70s? 80s?) and we bought it for him a couple years ago. Also, I will gladly continue to watch the F&F franchise with you guys.

    • I feel like our dads are very different people but I would pay some top dollars to see them do some sort of TV show/movie marathon together. They both seem to be into the same stuff, which, isn’t super surprising since they’re from the same generation. It just amuses me and I’d like to see their different commentary styles.

      This is my roundabout way of saying: we need to do a riff tracks, or mst3k style commentary but with dads.

  2. I haven’t listened yet, but I watch every F&F movie and this last one is the first one I saw in theaters. I secretly own the first 5 on blu-ray

    I was thinking about taking swimming lessons in a few months.

    • DAMN- blu ray! Yeah, your copies are definitely more legit than mine.
      I saw 5ive in the theater and honestly, it was worth every penny to see the big fight on the big screen.

      I saw some poll on FB the other day that was like, if the Rock a better wrestler or better actor?!!! I was like, yes? Because doesn’t he usually ‘fight’ in his movies?

    • You guys have sufficiently shown me the error of my ways.

      I still only have the external harddrive and I’m thinking about getting another, bigger one. But I might look into a service like that. It’s been since college that I had a major disaster like that. And even then it wasn’t the whole hard drive, just motherfucking iTunes, over and over. I HATE ITUNES.

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