Episode 20!!!!!!!!!: Discounted HD Eddie Murphy Movies


Did you like BBQ Island?!

BIG TIME SUPER FREEDOM ANNOUNCEMENT! Put it in your calendars: July 8th at 7pm (Eastern) we are having a LIVE show! With videos. Cat videos. INDEPENDENCE!

Facebook is bigger than Big Brother

Really Olympics? You want to pick a fight with a huge group of people on a social media outlet? Have fun with that.

Jared goes to his first Comfest! Yay titties!

What Jared recently read.

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Challenge Nation is coming back to Columbus!!

Gaming that's CHEEP!

Lights Off


Clip from the Newsroom

German police used 85 bullets in 2011.



Adorable failures will be left behind.

Is realistic horror more scary to you than bombastic horror?

Favorite and least favorite parts of Comfest? Would you visit our boob painting booth?

Book recommendations? Lay them on us!

4 thoughts on “Episode 20!!!!!!!!!: Discounted HD Eddie Murphy Movies

  1. I’m not usually scared by horror movies, but Paranormal Acrivity freaked me out a little.

    I put the hangout on my calendar, so there’s a 75% chance I’ll be there.

  2. Nice episode, lot of random movie and actor talk.

    As far as not taking Jeff Daniels seriously, what are the reasons or metrics behind this. I saw movies like Big, Bachelor Party and The Money Pit before I saw any of Tom Hanks more serious movies but I don’t look at him as a serious dramatic actor guy?

    And Dumb & Dumber is almost 20 years old (it came out in 1994) so I’m not going to hold the mans aptitude as an actor based off of one very silly role. Hell when I first saw him in Speed I thought he was the goofy voice uncle but not really an uncle guy from Full House (Not Saget or Stamos).

    This is also the first time I have heard someone speak of either of the matrix sequels as good movies. Hell even the Architects “Here let me explain the entire mythos of this world” speech is in Reloaded, . I personally look at those 2 movies as proof that if you have a cool story and awesome action if you follow it up with meh story and even more amazing action you will fail. I personally see them both as okay at best but obviously not as good as the first (hell I would put the animatrix over them). I also read this book in high school before the sequels came out. http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Red-Pill-Philosophy-Religion/dp/1932100024/ref=pd_sim_b_2

    I am also surprised you two didn’t touch on the whole Wachowski Bros turning into the Wachowski Siblings, yep Larry is now Lana, go figure.

    And as far as horror movies go, the more the premise of the film is not based in reality the better. Most “real life” horror scenarios I am pretty sure I could get away or fight my way out of (Scream dude = halloween costume and knife, I could get away from that shit, My house is small and I got neighbors near by worst comes to worst if I can get to the front or backdoor, even a window and I should be safe). Silent Hill was the last movie to scare me due to the wtf’ness of it all (never played the games, I’m to too bitch made for survival horror).

    Sorry for internalizing and changing the nature of the question again, but if I want to give an honest answer about how I feel about fictional scenarios I have to hypothetically put myself in the situation.

    As far as book recommendations I have can vouch for Matt Taibbis Griftopia, Rachel Maddow’s Drift and The Song of Ice and Fire books are fucking long but pretty awesome. Ironically I just got Cloud Atlas because it is the next movie that the Wachowski’s are going to make. For the record, The Prestige is better in movie form than the novel its adapted from, I’ve heard the same said for Children of Men (woefully underrated movie) but I have not gotten around to reading that yet. End rant.

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