Episode 21: Vanilla Scented Freedom

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Ohio is celebrating the birth of our nation with power outages. Our hearts are out to

everyone affected. Stay cool out there! 

Robots are winning the Rock, Paper, Scissors battle. IGN attempts to rate Pixar’s movies. We disagree with almost every placing. Also, who doesn’t like A Bug’s Life? WHO!?

Seriously, put this in you Netflix and watch it!


Adorable failures will be left behind.

We are still awaiting your thoughts about horror films. We also want to know what your favorite, or least favorite Pixar film is. Tell US!

2 thoughts on “Episode 21: Vanilla Scented Freedom

  1. I am sorry to do this with every question…but when judging Pixars film’s are we doing it as adults or what children (the intended viewing audience) would see?

    For example: Cars and it’s sequel get a ton of crap for being fairly one dimensional (pretty much the premise from Doc Hollywood..with talking automobiles) but most children who watched this move loved it. While other more layered work like Ratatouille and Wall-E usually bores kids. I also think that IGN’s list suffers greatly from recentcy bias.

    I have not seen every Pixar movie, (Toy Story 2 & Brave) so I can’t make a list but The Incredibles (its everything I love about comics/superheroes) and A Bug’s Life (It’s basically Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven for kids) are at the top of my list.

    I think Finding Nemo is pretty to look at but a bit overrated and that Wall-E is Pixars preachiest movie to date. Ratatouille is more of a coming of age/leaving your family to follow your dreams movie for teenagers than some kids movie. I get the feeling that Brave is similar in theme but with a female protagonist. Up is another one that gets accolades but imagine during the “My parents are split up and my dad only sees me out of obligation and is happier with his new girlfriend” scene that this is being seen by an actual kid who is sitting next to said auto pilot parent…and we haven’t even touched the dead wife and childless marriage part of the movie.

    Monsters Inc is okay I guess, I also think Cars and its sequel are Pixars best pure kids movie, it has very little for adults to get into and I think that was on purpose. I don’t know if that makes a it a bad movie or not.

    On a side note Pixar movies in HD/Blu Ray are fucking gorgeous.

    • I get what you’re saying about Cars. I have always held Pixar at a higher standard to make movies that are both for adults and children. I also agree with you about the IGN list suffering from recency bias.

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