Episode 19: Swedish Trolls

Our new sponsor BBQ Island has the drama you crave.

Happy belated Father’s Day!

“Will” calls in with his professionally hired actor’s favorite snack. (Thanks Will!)

We will be at Comfest 2012, but won’t have a booth since some delicious sugary snack won’t sponsor us.

The @sweden controversy!

Jared is always light prepared.

Bitches at the gym be CRAZY!

Gaming that's CHEEP!

Humble Bundle 5 raised $5,107,440.10! And people chose what to pay (amazing). The humble bundle is over, but most of the games are available for cheap (but some more than $10)

You can follow their twitter account (@humble) so you know when the next one happens.

Adorable failures will be left behind.

We need to know your thoughts on evil robots.


Episode 18: Nature Isn’t Cutting It

E3 discussion links:



Watch Dogs

The Last of Us (Truck Ambush trailer showing they’re bad dudes.)


Rayman Legends

Check out:

Burning Love

Flight trailer

Jimmy Fallon & the Roots covering Call Me Maybe

Kickstarters mentioned:

Ze Frank

Daisy Kutter (Copper)

Strawberry milk: From above the river looks a bit like strawberry milk - coloured pink by the high concentration of salt

 Lake Retba, in Senegal, west Africa

Camp YOLO 2012

Also, a virtual tour of the Itasca Meridian.


Adorable failures will be left behind.

Tell us about camping!

What was your best experience? Your worst? Are you a closet RV owner?



Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vzaliva/111023917/

Episode 10: Phoning It In

Special Thank You To Our Contributors!

One of the coolest places in Internetland: The Domestic Scientist 

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

Timehop [hello from the past!]

The city of Columbus has an APP (did you hear how much it cost?)

If there were tumbleweeds in Ohio, there'd be one here.

Adorable failures will be left behind.

Did you watch the Oscars and do you still care enough to talk about them? Comment below.

Also- don’t forget to CALL IN and tell us about the most outrageous and ridiculous traffic story you’ve ever witnessed or been a part of. If it’s something you did, we have a voice modifier so just say if you want us to hide your identity since our show is the 3rd highest rated podcast amongst cops.

This episode is dedicated to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.