Episode 28: The Fast and Casino Curious

Double Jump Spirit Episode 28: The Fast and Casino Curious


We’re having a Fast and Furious watch party- join us in your own homes! Unless you’ve watched them already, which leads to our poll (at the bottom).


Things that we talk about this episode:

Will. We talk about that dude like nonstop these days.

Wicked, it’s a musical.

Superman death toll (it’s pretty outrageous).

Ellen Page is all like, hey, thanks for stealing my likeness, Last of Us.

The uncanny valley. Fuckin’ yikes.

Call in and give us your summer¬†itinerary. Or text us what you think our sweet prize will be for our upcoming Summer Contest. Just give us attention!!! (It’s what we crave.)

Episode 27: Man of Fail


Double Jump Spirit Episode 27: Man of FailMovies! What movies are you looking forward to this summer?






Man of Steel:

Now You See Me:


Top Shot All Stars:


That robot show Lindsey was going on about.


A great book.

A horrible book.

Thanks GoodReads.


Board games you should play (if you haven’t already)

Cards Against Humanity


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The Last of Us

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