Episode 26: SURPRISE!! A lot of DEATH.


Double Jump Spirit Episode 26: Surprise! A lot of Death

People have opinions about the new Xbox and guess what? Most of those people are assholes. Don’t you wish you could punch them in their stupid asshole faces? I think Will does. (Thanks for calling in Will!)

Some skank ass (but bookish) ho in Australia is giving people the wrong email address (aka Lindsey’s email address) and that’s probably why she’s going to get caught having an affair. For more tips on how to have an affair, listen to Jared.

Are you watching Strip Search?? Please talk about it with us. Who do you want to win?

Beards. How do you feel about them? Itchy?

Here’s that nightmare inducing video of the baby being cut out of a pipe in China.

Sweet dreams.



Episode 25: We’re Back (in the saddle agaaaiiiinnnn)

Double Jump Spirit Episode 25: We're Back

Season Two starts now. Surprised?

You demanded it (maybe? I’m pretty sure you did) so here you go:

  • Star Trek: TNG – Lindsey asks the age old question, is there really even a contest between Kirk and Picard when it’s obvious Picard is far superior?

Call in and tell us what you want to hear on the next, Whatever The Fuck You Want.

  • Jared was so fucking hyped for Iron Man 3. Hype city!Super psyched!
  • Have you seen this crazy ass trailer for The Purge? Check it.

  • Red Box Instant, that’s a thing too. Do you have any thoughts on that one?
  • Bioshock Infinite, no spoilers. I don’t want Miranda to stab us in our sleep.
  • For some reason, this review of this shitty book I read years ago is picking up steam on GoodReads, why?? Why does anything happen on the Internet??
  • I’m trying to convince John to post a video of his work in Minecraft but he’s shy.

That’s right, this season it’s on. Now with 100% more bullets.

  • Let us sell out.
  • We need to sell out.
  • There were hashtags at some point but I can’t remember a single one.