Episode 16: Briskly Scorned


Intestinal Parasites as a cure for Crohn’s disease?

Fictional Universes Discussed:

Marvel | True Blood | The Walking Dead | Mario | Scott Pilgrim | Star Trek

Gilbert Gottfried reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Here are some ways to waste some time!

If you don’t know who Scumbag Steve is, click here.

Guiles theme goes with everything.


The Great Gatsby trailer:

Seriously, put this in you Netflix and watch it!

Strictly Ballroom

Billy Elliot

Lindsey has a problem with old tired actors and she’s not sexist, like Ashley Judd thinks people are– she doesn’t want Will Smith’s old tired face up on her screen either.

Amazon video makes a deal with Paramount. (It’s also on XBox 360!)

Dealzmodo. Stealz and dealz!

We talked about Diablo 3 a LOT. If you’re on there, add us!