Episode 24: Milking the Cow

Have you forsaken us, listener??

Thanks listeners Daphne and Erica for calling in.

We talked about the Olympics. Who is watching the 24-hour live stream Kobe cam?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo || An introduction to her family (premiering tonight!)

Lindsey has always been obsessed with America’s Best Dance Crew but in this episode she goes into a full on exposition about her love/hate relationship with ABDC.

Jared learns about theCoolTV. Here’s a new favorite music video from Lindsey (featuring a crew from ABDC, will it never end?!).

Milk The Cow

Extra Credit

Favorite Olympic moments? Your favorite music video?

Have you ever heard that you can’t lead trump in euchre?? Favorite house rules in euchre? If you’ve written an essay on your love of euchre, send it on in!