Episode 8: Popcorn Chicken Production Value Meal

We’ve updated our production value to AMATEUR PODCAST levels (i.e. Music).

Our poll brought sexy back.

Lindsey is apparently a “good person” because she doesn’t take free drugs.

We figured out pretty much all of Netflix’s problems and are currently awaiting a check.

Storify is for making a story out of tweets. Like that time Jared came up with the idea for the Four Score and Seven Pongs Ago Challenge.

You could use this Jotly thing to rate ANYTHING. Including your mailman. Your hot sweaty mailman.

Jared would pay more money to avoid children on XBOX Live. He would also probably pay money to avoid Scrabble / Words With Friends.

We investigate a lunch theft of our dear friend Miranda. Who steals a lunch? Have you had your lunch stolen? Have you stolen a lunch? We want to know! Call us!

In a previous DJS Lindsey mentioned a moment that happened early in her relationship with her husband John. (It involved a trench digging Easter party.) She did not meet him there, contrary to how it might have sounded. She was not crashing random Easter parties and happened to  stumble across that one. We apologize for any inconvenience, mental distress or lost wages this confusion may have caused.